At the zoo


This week, we spent a day at the zoo! And what better to wear than…. a vintage polka dot dress? Ok, I really needed the addition of the beret, the polo neck and the tights with this one as it was typically crisp November weather and we were obviously outside all day. But it was actually the perfect outfit! I picked this piece for my first post because it really is something special for me. It’s one of my first ever vintage finds, from Pop Boutique in Leeds. I’m not even sure how long I’ve had it but it must be going on for ten years now and one of the most worn pieces in my wardrobe too.


You can really wear a dress like this for absolutely anything. It has a cool 60s vibe, with a silky slip dress underneath a sheer navy mesh layer with white print polka dots. Its special details include a beautiful gathered white piped trim to match the polka dots, creating a collar effect, and a lovely belt to cinch you in at the waist. Does it get better than that?


I still remember the day I bought it, plucking it from the rail, trying it on and feeling the thrill of snapping up something nobody else would have. Since then it has accompanied me on many a night out – especially dancing to The Smiths and Arctic Monkeys at classic indie discos in ye olden days of my youth!


The fabulous dress in pre-party mode

Cringe at that photo!! But I had the best time in it that night – a girl came up to me while I was losing myself to Florence & the Machine to tell me it was a gorgeous dress. Props to that person. It made my night! But that’s what happens when you feel absolutely yourself in a wondrous vintage beaut. If you’ve never had that experience, I wholeheartedly recommend it! However, even if you don’t find yours from the vintage store (although I’m sure you could!), a 60s navy polka dot shift is a classic for every wardrobe. And every occasion – even the zoo!


So the feature pieces in every post here will always be vintage or home-made. However, I still like to style these up with the other high street gems from my wardrobe. Here I’m wearing a cream zip-up coat from Zara with cute buckles and a hood, an ancient pair of brogues from Topshop and an equally well-loved satchel from Very, as well as a Zara polo neck plus woolly beret and tights from h&m.

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