On the street where you live



Do you have any decades of fashion that you are particularly obsessed with? Today’s trends seem to borrow bits and bobs from all eras, to the extent that it’s hard to know what defines the times we are living through now. The great thing about this is that we aren’t nearly as restricted as we once were. It seems like almost anything goes – which accomodates my love of Sixties shift dresses nicely!

If you’re also a vintage fan, you’re probably also someone who takes inspiration from times gone by. But it’s not always easy to hunt down an original piece from the ’50s or ’60s for example. Obviously these items are very highly sought after and the price tag can often reflect this too. On the other hand,Ā  high street dupes can sometimes not be exactly what you’re looking for… Specific details such as raised hemlines or trend-led colours and patterns can mean that pieces are only good for one season and don’t have the classic, timeless look you get from a true vintage find.



So if you want something done right, why not do it yourself? I received this pattern for Christmas last year, along with this beautiful forest green fabric and matching lining material. Perhaps not everyone’s perfect Christmas gift, but definitely mine! The lining made it a particular challenge but the finish was is really beautiful, especially with the beautifully tailored cut and fabulous button-fastening strap detail, which really emphasises the waist. And best of all? You can tweak the fit until it’s just right for you! I ended up having to shorten this piece at the shoulders but it’s worth the extra work for that perfect fit! Just the thing for a stroll around my neighbourhood!


This dress is more of an autumn/winter piece and looks lovely worn over shirts and jumpers with a pair of tights and boots. Here I’ve added a fashionable touch in the form of this star-struck Mango shirt (from last year but stars are back this season) as well as these gorgeous heeled Topshop Chelsea boots that have been a wardobe staple of mine for years.

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