85C794FA-23F6-4FC4-BF7C-677DF25744E3A winter coat. Surely one of the most important pieces in your entire wardrobe! At least if you live in a chilly climate like me. The day we took these photos, the temperature wasa a crisp 2°C. But we still decided to be brave, get out there (if only briefly!) and enjoy some winter sunshine at the skate park around the corner, where I could show off my parka.


A couple of years ago I was shopping with friends when we invented the word “smnug”. This term describes the smug sensation you get from feeling extra snug and cosy when it’s freezing outside! This is the only way I can express how I felt when I discovered this coat among the overstuffed rails of a second-hand shop.

The shop in question was Broke. I was tipped off about it by a friend, who just casually mentioned it in passing. Like the fashion fiend I am, I squirreled it away for a rainy day, the likes of which come around pretty quicky here! Predictably it wasn’t long till I popped in one dark and rainy autumn evening and I wasn’t disappointed.

I love the relaxed vibe you often find in second-hand shops like this. They have kind of salespeople who just genuinely want to chat and aren’t keeping an eye on you or pushing you into making a purchase. Plus the selection was vast (hence the overstuffed rails!) and I took several things with me into the makeshift changing room. I very nearly fell for a vintage Levi’s denim jacket but as soon as I felt the fluffy soft faux fur of this coat I knew I had to have it.


Wrapped up warm on a wintery walk on our ‘minimoon’


At the Christmas market in the coat of dreams. Seriously I haven’t taken it off all winter!

I’m telling you, I’ve never felt anything as soft as this coat! I wish you could reach through the screen and touch the fluffy faux fur lining. It’s the main reason I haven’t left the house without this bad boy all winter! It’s like stepping into a huge bear hug every morning!


Despite being second hand, it wasn’t cheap but as it was as good as new, I was happy to invest — and the cost per wear must be measured in pennies at this point! I had never heard of the brand HoodLamb before but I could instantly see it was very high quality and will last me a long time. And after a quick Google, I was happy to learn that they are also a cruelty-free brand with a focus on using organic and recycled materials — specifically hemp. So my biggest purchase of the year was a huge step towards my sustainable wardrobe goal! That’s definitely something to feel smnug about.



My outfit

Coat: HoodLamb from Broke, find similar here

Beret: Accessorize

Jumper: Very old from Topshop

Jeans: Harland Skinny fit by Earnest Sewn

Boots: Second-hand Vagabond ankle boots

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