Hometown thrifting

Today I’m musing on the pros and cons of second hand vs high street. This blog is all about weaning myself off my fast fashion habit and I am making progress… but I can’t seem to give it up completely!

I recently visited my family in England for a long weekend and took with me a cute jumpsuit I found in a second-hand shop there a few years ago. My parents have this fabulous full-length mirror, which I took full advantage of for a couple of outfit photos.


I come from a town called Beverley. It’s small but perfectly formed – a quintessential British town! Aside from all of its other charms, it boasts an array of charity shops. I remember my mum dragging me into a few of these as a child, and feeling absolutely mortified in case anyone from school saw me!

I’m glad to say I’m not so concerned with the opinions of others these days, and most people I speak to are more impressed than judgemental when I mention that the piece they admired is actually pre-owned! These days, there’s something cool about thrifting – it shows that you have a good eye and a unique style, and that you’re not a slave to the high street. When we can so easily copy someone’s look simply by swiping up on Instagram, it’s no longer quite so exciting to get your hands on a coveted piece from the high street.


However, while this jumpsuit is super cute, I did feel it was in need of an update. Stripes never go out of style but colour stripe T-shirts like this are particularly on trend right now. I knew what I wanted and I didn’t wanted to spend ages trying to find it. So what did I do but snap up this T-shirt from New Look while I was at home. With a high street shop stocking exactly what I was looking for at such a low price, and with limited time available to trawl through thrift stores for something similar, it proved too hard to resist! I felt like this jumpsuit needed an update and it was as easy as that. So there you have it, while I love the unique touch a home-sewn or thrifted piece can give your look, I can’t seem to give up the convenience of fast fashion. I’m not giving up on my aim of cutting the high street out of my wardrobe,  but it’s fair to say I’ve got a long way to go!



Outfit details:

Jumpsuit: Beverley British Heart Foundation store, originally from Boohoo

T-shirt: New Look

4 thoughts on “Hometown thrifting

  1. The outfit is so adorable!
    I can’t quite believe you thrifted the jumpsuit a few years ago though… I feel like the colour olive has only been percolating through the stores this past year! What a cute find!


    1. Thanks Clémence! I know, I was so surprised someone donated it actually! It was lucky for me though ;). I just read a bit about you in your bio and I was so impressed by your ambition – not to mention your love of dogs & choice of favourite authors! And I feel your pain in finding cold-weather looks ❤


  2. Your modest purchase of one t-shirt to refresh your wardrobe is a very forgivable fashion faux pas! It matches your jumpsuit perfectly! I am almost certain you will keep it a long time too! So be kind to yourself on your journey and relish the trip! You look lovely!!! ❤


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